Tuloksia 2013

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Oulu 7,9 2013 Väinö Erikois-näyttely Tuomarina Margareta Coddigton VAL ERI  Strongly built, with nice head and good eye coloring. Strong mussle good reeds of neck set into well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest and riblage. Short coupled with strong guarters. Good tend of shifle. His coat is a little untidy and reallyprefer his feet to be tighter

Oulu 7,9 2013 Sisu Erikois-näyttely Tuomarina Margaret Coddington  KÄY EH KÄK3  Short coupled, rather small but in proportion. Very calm dog. Nice head. Nice kind eyes. Good reeds of neck, set into well placed shoulders. Good front. Propaply not so strong in guarters. Level to pline. Nice tailset, correct tail. Thick clence coat.

Nivala 21,8 2013 Väinö MEJÄ koe Tuomarina Kari Hyytiäinen Arvostelu

Ii 16,6 2013 Sisu MEJÄ koe Tuomarina Jouni Simonen Arvostelu